Rules and Regulations of Vendors

Rules and Regulations of Vendors at the Mizukon 2023 Convention 

  1. The organizers of the convention are the Szczeciński Klub Azji Association (hereinafter referred to as „SKA”), based in Szczecin, registered with Tax Identification Number (NIP) 9552467798, and Gminny Ośrodek Kultury Sportu i Rekreacji in Przecław (hereinafter referred to as „GOKSiR”), registered with Tax Identification Number (NIP) 8513239302 (hereinafter referred to as „Organizers”).
  2. Each Vendor is obliged to familiarize himself with these regulations and its Appendix: Appendix No. 1 to the Vendors Regulations.pdf
  3. The conditions for participation in the Event as a Vendor are:
    1. registering through a fully completed and submitted Application Form: LINK by 16.07.2023.
    2. submitting the Acceptance in response to the Confirmation of Acceptance within 7 days of receiving the Confirmation of Acceptance of the booth,
    3. payment of the full fee for the Stand by the date indicated in the VAT invoice sent by the Organizers as an attachment to the Confirmation of Acceptance, resulting in the conclusion of the Agreement under the terms of these Vendors Regulations.
    4. The indicated payments should be made to the following account of GOKSiR: 20 1240 3927 1111 0010 9530 8976 Bank Pekao S.A.
  4. Making the payment to the account of GOKSiR in accordance with the content of the Confirmation of Acceptance sent via e-mail is tantamount to familiarization with these Regulations, acceptance of its provisions and results in the conclusion of a vendor module rental agreement on terms resulting from the Regulations of Vendors, Appendix No. 1 and the Application Form.
  5. The Organizers undertake to send the Confirmation of Stand Acceptance within 7 days after the closing of the acceptance of applications.
  6. The Organizer reserves the right to change the application deadlines and, in particular, to close the acceptance of forms at an earlier date in the event that space at the Convention grounds is exhausted for vendors.
  7. The booths are divided into handicraft and art, and commercial (corporate). The division is based on the mission of the House of Culture, which is to support local artists and craftsmen. By handicraft, we mean the sale of handmade products with artistic qualities, including original graphics or illustrations.
  8. The amount of fees for participation in the event and the number of entrance fees for booth service are specified by the Organizers in the price list in Appendix 1.
  9. The Convention Organizers are not responsible for the legal status of the Vendors’ businesses.
  10. Entrance passes or vendor spaces may not be resold.
  11. The rates and placement of Food and Beverage stands, as well as advertising stands, depend on individual arrangements with each Vendor via correspondence.
  12. The Vendor commits to send a list of persons to staff the booth no later than July 16, 2023. The list provided by July 16th is not subject to change.
  13. The arrangement of Vendors in the Convention area is decided by the Organizers in the course of correspondence with Vendors.
  14. When determining the details of the Stand, the Vendors will inform the Organizers about the planned extensions, stands, racks, etc. elements. If the Organizers do not agree, the products must fit within the bench. Possible erection of a tent must be arranged with the Organizers and obtain their approval before the Convention.
  15. Requirements for access to electricity must be notified by 16/07/2023 in the course of correspondence with the Organizers.
  16. Vendors may arrive at the Convention and set up booths from 7:00 pm on August 11, 2023.
  17. Vendors are required to leave the convention area, after cleaning up their stand, by 3:00 pm on August 13, 2023.
  18. The Organizers do not provide personal support for setting up and assembling the Stands.
  19. The Organizers are not responsible for shipments sent to the Convention address, nor for the activities related to the collection of these shipments. All parcel delivery issues should be arranged with the courier company.
  20. The organizers are not responsible for theft and damage resulting from the actions of Vendors or Convention participants. Vendors are obliged to insure themselves and their goods on their own.
  21. Organizers are not responsible for fortuitous situations or lack of access to utilities independent of them.
  22. The condition of extension cords and equipment owned and used by Vendors, as well as the way they are connected, should not endanger health and life or create the possibility of damage to the facility’s electrical system.
  23. The Vendor shall be liable for any damage to health and life, damage to the electrical installation of the facility, as well as to the Vendor’s equipment, resulting from improper connection by the Vendor of extension cords or equipment owned and used by the Vendor, or resulting from their inadequate condition.
  24. The Organizers have the right to reject the Vendor’s application without giving any reason.
  25. A separate common rest area is made available to accepted Vendors.
  26. Merchandise must be located inside the Booth, must not be placed in passageways, and equipment displays must not impede or prevent the safe movement of attendees or disturb their peace.
  27. The Organizers reserve the right to refuse permission for the display of Goods, as well as to require the Vendor to cease displaying them in the event of a blatant violation of these regulations, the convention rules or the law.
  28. The Vendor may organize a raffle at its booth only at its own risk after completing all formalities in accordance with relevant regulations. The organizers are not responsible for its organization to the visitors or the competent authorities.
  29. It is forbidden to sell:
    1. white weapons and firearms, replica weapons and ASG,
    2. alcohol, cigarettes and drugs,
    3. explosives and pyrotechnics,
    4. flammable, toxic or irritant substances,
    5. illegal copies of movies, games and other software,
    6. Objects and content with explicit sexual or erotic overtones,
    7. products propagating Nazism, communism and other ideologies, the propagation of which is prohibited in the Republic of Poland.
  30. It is forbidden to sell and serve drinks and food products without the consent of the Organizers. Failure to comply with the above prohibition will result in the removal of the Vendor from the convention area.
  31. Merchandise should meet the standards specified in Directive 2001/95/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of December 3, 2001 on General Product Safety and the Act of December 12, 2003 on General Product Safety.
  32. The Goods must not violate the rights of third parties, in particular they must not contain content of a vulgar, offensive, defamatory nature, promoting or justifying any form of intolerance, etc.
  33. The Vendor shall be solely responsible for the Goods, and in particular for any damage caused by them, improper protection of the Goods (also during the time they remain on the Convention premises after it is closed to participants), as well as for their compliance with all legally required requirements, standards, as well as for their possession of the necessary certificates, attestations, evaluations, tests and approval for marketing on the territory of the Republic of Poland.
  34. The Vendor is obliged to hold copyrights, licences and other rights to the Goods located and used at the Stand. The Organizers shall not be liable for infringement by Vendors of any intellectual property rights or copyrights of third parties.
  35. It is not possible to rent Stands for individual days of the Convention.
  36. Vendors are bound by the Convention Regulations in addition to the rules listed above.
  37. The Vendor is obliged to strictly observe the safety, fire and sanitary regulations of the facility where the Convention is held.
  38. The Vendor may be reprimanded by the organization or expelled from the convention premises for gross violation of these rules, convention regulations or laws.
  39. Any issues not addressed in these regulations shall be finally decided by the Organizers.
  40. The Organizer reserves the right to change the rules and regulations and inform the Vendors.